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Supernatural Stillness

still icontest

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A supernatural icon stillness community. A new challenge every week
Welcome to super_stillness This is an non-animated icon challenge community dedicated to the CW's TV Show Supernatural.


- Sundays Between 6pm-9pm GMT (England): New Challenge will be posted
- Mondays Between 7pm-9pm GMT (England): Voting for last challenge and winner of previous vote will be announced.
-Wednesdays between 7pm-9pm GMT (England): Winners banners and a reminder will be posted

*The above is subject to change, but will stay consistent unless otherwise noted.*
1. You have to be a MEMBER in this community to submit icons. If you're not, your icons will NOT be included in the voting. You can JOIN HERE.

2. You are NOT allowed to use animation in any shape or form. This is a stillness community. Animated icons will be disqualified.

3. You are NOT allowed to blend images together what so ever, but all other effects are allowed (brushes, textures, gradients, etc.)

4. Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format. Any icon that does not meet these standards will be automatically disqualified.

5. You are usually allowed to submit up to TWO icons, but it may change for certain challenges.

6. Vote for THREE (3) icons, NO MORE NO LESS, or your vote will be disqualified.

7. Please do NOT vote for yourself in the contest and do not ask anybody to vote for you. You have to be a MEMBER in this community to vote. You can JOIN HERE.

8. The contest will be anonymous, so you may NOT use/post the icon(s) anywhere or show anyone the icon(s) you participate with, before the winners are announced.

9. You may only use the pictures or caps provided for each challenge.

10. Submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post, using this form:(comments will be screened).

11. Please DO NOT take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. If you'd like to use an icon, leave a comment in the voting post and the mod will alert the maker.

If all the rules stated above are not followed the icon(s) will be disqualified. If you have any questions about any of these rules, comment on a mod post and a Mod will respond with the answers ASAP- we dont bite!
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