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Helen [userpic]
Challenge #345
by Helen (supernaturalhel)
at November 24th, 2013 (03:06 pm)

Theme: Bad Boys

10 Caps provided and you may submit up to 4 icons

The Caps come from episode 9x07- "Bad Boys"- so beware of spoilers

The Rules
- You may enter 4 icons.
- You are NOT allowed to use animation in any shape or form.
- You are NOT allowed to blend images together what so ever.
- You may NOT use/post the icon(s) anywhere or show anyone the icon(s) you participate with, before the winners are announced.
- Deadline will be Monday December 2nd at 6:00PM GMT (England)
- You have to be a MEMBER in this community to submit icons. If you're not, your icons will NOT be included in the voting.
- Please ensure that you provide the URL of your entry alongside the image.
- Comments are screened
- Please double check on Sunday that your icons are still showing up to you, if you have bandwidth problems or broken links when the poll goes up, we wont be able to include your icon(s) in the voting.

You still have 1 day left to enter Challenge #344 here